Create your meal

Let your imagination feed your hunger! Take a bowl from the food counter and select the meats and vegetables of your choice. Season with a combination of sauces to your own taste. Go WILD! Or do as we do, MORE GARLIC POWDER! Then just hand your bowl to the CHEF behind the counter and we will cook your food on top of our Special Metal-Top Mongolian Stove while you wait.


Grab a Bowl. Make a selection from our All Natural Meats: Beef, Chicken, Pork, or Turkey. Add Noodles. Then choose from a variety of 14 - 20 Seasonal Vegetables Locally Grown and Delivered Daily.


Season your bowl with our incredible SAUCES! All sauces are brewed daily. Choose a combination of Teriyaki, House Special (Seasoned Soy Sauce), Mongolian BBQ, Sweet & Sour, Lobster Sauce, and Garlic Chip Sauce. Did someone say GARLIC POWDER?!?!


Hand your Meal Masterpiece to the CHEF behind the counter. With one to two revolutions around the Metal-Top Stove, your meal will be ready in no time. Let the feasting begin.